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In the Cloud – progress!

We are making good progress with getting In the Cloud accredited through MICT SETA. So glad we went ahead, and although a lot of work and expensive, want to do it professionally. The sponsor of the LoY award (SAPNet) is now assisting with getting us involved in another community project – to present a one week course to Grade 12 learners from Delft in Cape Town, part of the Blue Bus project. During that week we will be teaching them so many things, preparing them for the world of work through equipping them with digital skills. Other businesses and a clynical psychologist also on board to make this work. Also interest from Botswana & Zambia to explore digital citizenship …. And in between (for my official work): Ghana, Botswana, Italy, Ethiopia, Canada, Madagascar, Durban and work work work. #loy2016  #myveryexcitingyear #ubuntu

Librarian Workshop in Mbazwana (KZN)

My colleague at ASSAf and Education Liaison Officer: Scholarly Publishing Unit, working with Quest Magazine, arranged that we could participate in a community outreach during the week of 3-6 May 2017. It was a unique experience, with the opportunity to train librarians and give back as part of being the Librarian of the Year 2016. The training took place at the Mbazwana Public Library, and was attended by librarians from public libraries in the surrounding areas – 11 librarians in total.

The following contributed to the success of the workshop:

Career fair day at Mseleni (KZN)

I was invited to share a few tips on finding information for career planning with secondary school learners from Mseleni (KZN) on 6 May 2017. This as part of an ASSAf contribution through Quest, but also as part of In the Cloud and creating digital citizens. I also used the opportunity to invite learners to consider studying library and information science. At the end of the program, learners asked questions – hungry for information. I was amazed to learn about their career interests – from life coach to dance instructor and more – and hope that their dreams will come true. Our youth is our future, and librarians play an important role in assisting with information.

View the presentation on career planning here.