What an exciting week! Launch of the African Open Science Platform

December 2016: It was great welcoming our international CODATA colleagues to South Africa, and to engage in lots and lots of networking with people from all over the world. Also very excited to continue the good relationships established with African key partners, so that we can  make a huge success of the African Open Science Platform! Super proud to be associated and involved in this initiative!


On Monday evening we had dinner at Farm Inn, on Tuesday we joined the CODATA meeting and thereafter had snacks & wine. Wednesday was a big day, during which we fleshed out what it is we want to do in terms of the platform (was highly successful!), and Thursday we had a full house during our pannel discussion. My multi-tasking skills were put to the test, because I also participated in an OASPA webinar on the status of OA in the global south today.  Thankful that all went well!

Also see: http://www.assaf.org.za/index.php/news/322-african-open-science-platform-to-boost-impact-of-open-data-for-science-and-society



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